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At LegalandMedtrans, We have the solutions to a variety of services including:

Medical translations

             Consent Forms

         Medical Records

         Patient Information Materials, etc.

Legal and Med Trans: Translations Made Easy !

Legal Translations

         Birth Certificate

         Marriage Certificate

         Divorce Certificate

         Certificate of Baptism

         Death Certificate

         Driving Record

         High School and College Diplomas

         High School and College Transcripts

Translations Made Easy ! ...


We offer legal translation that involve legal documents such as judgments, citations of foreign codes.. Technical, general, or administrative documents;  encompasses a wide variety of materials ranging from articles and certificates of registration of a company….

Documentation pertaining to criminal cases:  depositions, sentences, not to mention all parts of civil status, divorce, death, marriage certificates, marriage contracts , wills, etc..

All documents of our customers are kept strictly confidential!


         Follow up Letter on immigration case

         Invitation Letter

Legal&MedTrans specializing in translating not only legal but also medical translation. We are always ready to select the best translators whose main activity is medical or legal translation of your documents.  our translators have been working on the field each for more than five years.

Other Services


         Job Interview Skills Preparation

         Cross-Cultural Consultation

         Notary Public

Translations Made Easy ! ...
We translate all documents covered by the medical and pharmaceutical fields, including: medication instructions and labels, medical reports, toxicology studies, medical reports, informed consents, discharges instructions, etc...

If the text to be translated is in a particular field of study, LegalandMedtrans will align a qualified and trained translator with expertise and knowledge of the subject matter.